(2) V-9845 (2) V-9801 (1) HT-1 Mint condition. My brother left them to me and I think I am getting lowballed or just not enough people in into "high end" audio where I live. I'm asking $1300. Is that a fair price? Debbie
Debbie, your asking price seems a bit high considering that you could buy a brand new pair of V-9845 ($500) and V-9801 ($300) for $800 total about 9 years ago. I can't imagine that the HT-1 is that valuable. Good luck with your sale. John
Used gear that old will typically be priced at 50% of the orig. MRSP. so ....
Your input is much appreciated. I did my homework, but could not find a "fair market value" Gratis,and may your life be your love song, Debbie