Usher X719 and tubes

Anyone ever try these with tubes? And how is there overall sound? I will be using my Audio Space Duntonic 3i Int w/EL34.
hello trianglezerius.

I am an authorised dealer for usher in canada and from my experience with many of the usher speakers, the x-719 needs more juice than that to get the most out of it.
i made some research and the duntonic sheds out only 12 to 16 watts maximum per channel.
the ushers are not an easy drive, some models more than others are lower wattage tube friendly but definitly not the x-719, tube amp for this model i would say a solid
100 watts per channel in push-pull or 45 watts single ended to get that woofer moving.
At the montreal audio show i had the x-719 on display driven by 200 watt tube monoblock amps and people could not believe the sound , you will not achieve that effect with 15 watts per side thats for sure.
I am sorry if that is not the answer you wanted but i wanted you to be informed honestly before purchasing something that will not stisfy your needs in the end.
hope this helps you choose.
it is going very well with Shanling STP-80(it is about 40W)
it is not problem for tubes.
It sounds excellent.
Unbeatable system for that money ,nowdays on market.
I have to disagree with Nick72 on this one. I have been an Usher dealer for several years and also deal primarily with tube amplification. Some of my happiest X-719 customers are driving these speakers with tube amps of 22 watts to 70 watts. I have one customer who tested his freshly modified 845 amplifier (22 watts) on his X-719s. In th eend, he had to purchase another pair of 719s to permately mate with the amp. I have several customers running these speakers with 50-70 watt tube amps and are extremely happy.
In the end, the decission would have to be based on your listening habits and if possible, audition the speakers with a tube amp of similar wattage and design.

After reading this, I felt I would add to this. I have just received in the last week, the x-719's. Not from Bill, but another audiogoner. I have just purchased the Jolida 1501rc from Bill. I am currently breaking them in on an Onkyo Sr601 85watt receiver. I can say that over the week so far, the speakers have really opened up to a so so receiver. Now when I get the Jolida hooked up I will post my thoughts. I know this was about tubes, but I thought being about a hybrid would help fellow music lovers.
I tend to agree with nick72 in that the x719 needs alot of power to get them running.I am using a BAT VK60 and it leaves alot to be desired.I wonder if its a mismatch or the x719 are designed to be listen to in a low mode? These speakers however do sound fantastic when paired with a melody int amp set in a small listening room.
I have rw729's and run them with audiovalve challanger 180 monoblocks and achieve great results;these are very similiar to the x719's.