usher x-719 vsmeadowlark kestrel 1vswharfedale 9.6

I just want to have feedback from experienced listeners. I know that we might be hearing differently but i want to have opinions nonetheless. Because i find it difficult to compare speakers when i go from shop to shop. Coupled with differences in listening rooms, it is really hard to compare. I wish I could do side by side comparisons or in home auditions.
I have an HK130 that I plan to use with the speakers. It would be used for 80/20 in favor of music. My choice of music is varied from jazz to folk rock to metal. But personally I do not think that audio/ht use and musical preference would be a factor. I am leaning towards the camp into hearing what is recorded be it a good or bad recording so I would like to have accurate speakers that could go loud without strain and with good bass extension as well as definition cause sometimes I crank it up when I listen to metal. This means that the speakers I would like to have are those that are most free from colorations. Aside from that I want a speaker that could image well. So my criteria probably would be accurate, images well, can play loud without strain, good bass extension and definition. I also think that this type of speaker would be appropriate both for home theater and audio if my goal is to hear what is recorded be it an audio or home theatre soundtrack.
It looks like you are asking quite a bit from your speaker selection. I would advise you to listen to each but also with the appropriate power. I have the Usher RW 728 which is suppose to be the step up from the X 719. The speakers are beautiful and built very well. I purchased them for my bedroom system which is an Arcam AVR100 and a DV88 combo. I found that the Ushers need more power or current to sound good.
Thanks for the reply. I would like to add additional information regarding the prices I could get them for.

1.Usher x-719- MSRP- $ 1000- could get this brand new for $ 709.1
Matching Stand-MSRP- $ 400- could get this brand new for $272.7
Usher Total- MSRP- $ 1400 – could get this brand new for $981.8 which is just 70% of MSRP. A 30% discount

2. Wharfedale 9.6- MSRP- $800- could get this brand new for $303.6 dollars which is just 37.95% of MSRP. A 62% discount.

I removed the meadowlark out of my choices. OR should I consider other speakers? Prices are different here cause I live in the Philippines. My budget is about $1000 but if I could get something for much less then so much the better. I also listened to the Revel F12 and I kinda liked how it sounded. But I found them too unattractive for the price cause I would be getting them for about $1545 while the $ MSRP is just 1300.
forgot that i started a thread about this. I bought a wharfedale 9.1. It had help from a adire audio sealed box tempest 15 sub. I used an hk 130 to drive the speakers. Great sound for the price and should have just stayed with it if I wanted to save money for revels.

sold my whole ht system after 2 months though and bought an usher x-719 driven by a classic sansui au-d 707f. Now I have great sound and drop dead gorgeous speakers. However, when listening to my Susan Wong cds, I noticed that her voice was kinda sibilant. MAybe my old speakers didnt resolve that detail, I hope.

My old sansui got busted and I dont have any amplifier now. lol. Instead of buying an amplifier (I was eyeing a behringer reference A500 studio amplifier for about $260) , I bought a behringer ms40 nearfield monitor for use with my computer in the office. This is because I found the behringer amp to high a price in the phil. $260 as compared to $180 in us (US MSRP $230). I loved the behringer speakers. great desktop sound with superb imaging for a low price($146)

I have no amp for months now but still I bought an energy c3. So, I have 2 speakers- usher x-719 and energy c3 with no amp. The reason I didnt get an amp yet is cause I was saving for an hk receiver. Now I have to save again. lol. what a journey. I didnt think at first when i got into audio that it would be like this. Constant upgrades!!!

hehehe. Now I want a revel performa m22. I should control myself. I guess I should stay with my speakers until I can afford a revel ultima 2 or maybe its series 3 or 4 by that time. Or I could get revel gems used. :P