Usher speakers/prices?

I recently discovered these speakers and know little about them, other then the pair I heard (CP-8571) blew me away. Made it hard to listen to my Veritas 2.3i's which I thought were great.

Of course their very expensive. I've noticed a few pairs showing up used at about half the list price. Anyone have an idea of the normal discount is for these speakers?

For those of you who own or have experience with these, I'd love to hear from you. I'd aslo like to know how their 6 series compares to the CP's as well.

contact dealer Stephen Monte at Quest for Sound near Philly...he will sell for less than list and is a great guy. Tell him Larry k. said to call.
also try fred at katli audio. the best dealer i know. freat guy, great deals. great ear. 909-465-0222

aloha keith
I agree with the suggestion for Katli Audio. Fred is fantastic to deal with.
I sent you an email, Jack. Just posting here redundantly. Contact me; no I'm not a dealer, just satisfied owner.
I have the 6381's and am very pleased. Upgrading from here would have to sound considerably better, and surely would cost much more than $3400/pr.
I have also had a great experience dealing with Fred at Katli.
Ditto to the response from Estegall. I have the 6381 and was initially introduced to the 6311's, but preferred the additional bass extension on the 6381's. Incredible build and quality finish on this speaker line. I've been hard pressed to find as satisfying a listening experience with other brands I've heard.

Lately, I impulsively purchased a beautiful pair of Kef XQ5's at a discounted closeout price and am playing this with a CJ-MV60SE/PV14L2 tube set, however I'm missing the broader soundstage and bass extension of the Ushers. Unfortunately I'm too lazy to swap the speakers to see for myself as the Ushers are sooo heavy, and I'm hesitant to potentially mar the black lacquer finish if I try to move them around the house.

As customary for this audiophilic syndrome, I lately lucked out on a mint Cayin TA30 on Audiogon for my loft/work area of the house, and discovered the Usher S520 monitors to mate them with --these little Ushers are just as amazing and surprising; they blew me away when I heard the music that just flowed out of them for the size and the price that they are selling for - check out the reviews. So overall, I've become a fan of the Usher line, and am even considering trading in my Kef's (had them just for a few months) or selling them on Audiogon so I might get a pair of the 6311's or 6371's. Good luck, with your search but do listen before you buy, as we all have our own preferences for music and how its conveyed.

Usher is a Taiwanese company. They are well known for their cones/woofers which tons of speaker manufacturers use. They had hired this guy named D'Apolito who is supposed to be well known in the Audio industry to design speakers for them. If you go to, you will see their full line of speakers.

I had heard them at the Stereophile show two/three years ago in San Francisco and was quite impressed. I spent an entire afternoon in their room and listened to the entire range of speakers they had brought to the show. Later that year, I heard them again at the Taipei electronic show and they sounded terrible with very boomy bass. I talked to the marketing manager and he told me that they basically only had one night to build the demo room on the trade-show floor, and it was very flimsy, and probably contributed to the boomy bass. He invited me to audition them at their showroom the following day. So I spent several hours the next day listening to the CP-8871 and 8872 at their "flagship" store in Taipei and was quite disappointed. They sounded thin and flat. No soundstage whatsoever.

I could have gotten a pair of CP-8871 (w/ shipping to the US) for less than $4k, and was planning to buy a pair based on my impression from the SF show alone. But after hearing them in Taiwan at two separate insances, I was having second thoughts and decided to turn down the offer. I do think they warrant another listen under a better setup condition. And I would love to hear them again in some dealer showrooms.