Usher S520 Speaker Cable Suggestions

Just bought a pair of Usher S520's for my desktop rig. Using a Modded Trends TA10.1 for power and Modded Lite Dac-Ah for DAC duties. Right now I have MAC Ag+ and PS Audio Transcendant for IC's and using Argent Audio Pursang Single wires for SC's. Any suggestions on SC's? Preferably biwire or shotgun and under $300 used would be realistic since I paid $325 for the speakers.

Right now Clear Day and Morrow are on the list. Also original owner of the S520's suggested Nordost Blue Heaven's.



imho, you couldn't go wrong with Morrows. SP3s should do the trick for SCs. I'd recommend the interconnects as well, the MA3s. If you can affort the 4 series, they are awesome.

:) listening,


I only heard Clear Day and compared it with my Kimber Kable 8TC. Finally I picked Clear Day and sold my Kimber. I posted a thread before to ask for opinion between ELF and Clear Day. However, when I talked to both owners, I decided to go with Clear Day. Right now I have a complete system. My IC cable is MAC Palladium b/w Rega CDP and B&K Pre and Audio Metallurgy GA-0 b/w B&K Pre and B&K Power amp. Before you make a decision, I recommend you to contact Paul. He's really nice guy to deal with and he can send you a pair to demo. I'm sure you will love it.

Have fun and enjoy your new speakers.