Usher R1.5 should I buy?

Hello all, I thought this is one forum where I should ask and take the approval of all the experienced souls here before I pull the trigger today or next week satday. The Question is should I buy the Usher R1.5 , is it as good as the press says or the reviews here or around the web suggests.As for speakers I have a Mission MX5 for now with Denon PMA1500AE /DCD1500AE/TU1500AE as amp CD and tuner with Chord cables. This is the cheapest power amp I can afford at the moment , that too class A till some watts. If anyone has any encounter with this amp please advise me. I listen to only RocknRoll and very little Jazz ( read Norah Jones , Diana Krall) buy it's always Queen and Ledzep , Floyd GnR, CCR,GFR,Lamb of God Korn , Blue Man Group, etc etc. I'm a SACD enthusiast,s o no vinyl in the mix. Love warm rich lush and not forward sounding gear. Please advise if the Usher is good enough as a power amp.
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Pretty cold in here.... nothing? Where's everyone eh....

Usher R1.5 and R2.5 were almost direct copies of the Threshold Stasis  S200 and S300. I showed Nelson Pass the circuits of the Ushers, and the only difference was they had one extra gain stage transistor in them, which Nelson replied was what he would have done if he did a re-design of them.
So your in good company as I owned an S300 mkII and it was a very nice smooth amp with plenty of grunt.

Cheers George     
Thanks George, that was a great piece of information . It just reinstated my faith in the R1.5 and this forum. Im definitely buying it now.
I might also add the ones I've played around with, were under biased,, and needed to to be adjusted a bit higher to get the Class A bias of the Thresholds, "as Nelson palm detector adjustment", enough bias to keep the palms of you hand on a fully warmed up heatsink for at least 6 seconds, (bricklayer exempt from this test)

Cheers George
Can you provide the correct Bias settings for the Usher R1.5 and the schematics? How wise will it be to increase the filtering capacitors from 10k microfarads Nichicons to 20k same specs ? Will there be any benefit at all? 
I had the circuit, but it’s long gone now, but if you warm it up with the lid on for at least an hour, and if still not warm enough (use Pass palm test) Monitor the bias across the emitter resistors (yes they used them the same way as NP did, collectors drove the speakers) with a DMM and increase 10mV at a time till you get the right heatsink temp, both channels.

And yes more cap uF the better on the power supply, but many small ones are better than big ones, as they can release their storage quicker and give you far better transient response.

PS: Just found the circuit of the Usher 2.5 send a PM if you want it with your email address. 

Cheers George
Thanks so much George ! My email id is [email protected] .

One more thing is there a Usher Version 1 and Version 2 ? I gathered this while talking to US based Usher dealer. Will that make a difference? If there's a difference then what is it and how do I differentiate cosmetically or internally between the v1 and v2?
Sorry I have no idea about the V1 and V2.

I send the circuit diagram to you, Usher 2.5, same for 1.5 just less rail volts and output transistors.
Should anyone else want it on Audiogon can you contact [email protected] and he will pass it on.

Cheers George
Thanks George got you mail. Thanks very much indeed. Heard the amp extensively today and I can vouch that this amp will blow amps costing $6000 straight outta water. People looking for power amps should really check this Amp first before blowing money on Big Brands which are unnecessarily expensive for other reasons than the main reason ... The Sound.

I’m getting the R1.5 with a ss preamp later but a good preowned Shindo Auriges now .
So glad I found this thread. I have 2 Usher 1.5's and run (ran) them in mono to a pair of Usher Tower XL's. 

One of my amps became noisy (right channel) and was shipped back to USHER for a replacement. Still waiting....

What I had learned was that Usher was setting the bias higher as it was discussed somewhere that the sounded even better at higher bias, and they already sound amazing. What a great amp and a beast. In mono it's stupid good.

But I don't know how to set bias :( So I guess I'll "probe" around, find a pot, and adjust till my hand starts burning?
But I don’t know how to set bias :( So I guess I’ll "probe" around, find a pot, and adjust till my hand starts burning?
Say goodby to your amp!
Seriously, please get a tech to do it, as you need to put dmm meter probes on the emitter resistors, and that is a hairy place to be, as it’s very confined.

Cheers George
Thanks George, I've got an electronic savvy buddy of mine who designs amps. He'll do it for me. Wish I had a roadmap to give him still.
Thanks George, I’ve got an electronic savvy buddy of mine who designs amps. He’ll do it for me. Wish I had a roadmap to give him still.
I gave the circuit diagram to vvvinashhh above, on the condition he passes it on, email him and he’ll forward it to you.
Or send me your email,, and I'll send it, with the bias pot circled in red and the emitter resistors in red, which need to be monitored with a dmm when adjusting the bias pot
Cheers George
My mail id is right there and I have the schematics as George mentioned. What pre are you using desalvo55? I'm using a Cary Audio SLP03 and the results are pretty darn good. I have got to know that the factory Bias of the R1.5 is 500mA. So keep that as a reference point. These amps are simply fantastic and can be easily repaired by anyone who is experienced enough. Usher is going through a restructuring hence the delay.
Mail sent.
This amp is fabulous once mated to a proper Tube Pre Amplifier. Will uproot a $6000  McIntosh in Dynamics and Heft.
Thoughts on pairing this amp with a Modwright pre-amp ?  I'm thinking of going that route as i currently have a Modwright pre.
Just bought a pre owned R1.5 and listening to it for the first time.  My speakers are USHER 8571 II and thy were a bitch to drive. So far so much better with the new amp. I am using my old Rogue Audio Pharaoh as my pre at the moment but thinking of a tube pre...  any suggestions out there???
Your Usher has a fet inputs at 61kohm loading with a fair amount of gain.

I would suggest a low gain preamp like a Schiit Freya for $699, bonus is you can use it as straight passive, a tube, or a solid state (to suit your moods? maybe) and it has a trial period.

Cheers George
hello everyone and forgive my english!
I would also like the electric diagram of usher r 1.5
I am in rome and my mail is: [email protected]
thank you

I realize this thread has a little bit of age, but, was wondering if anyone here still has a set of prints on the Usher 1.5 or 2.5 they'd be willing to send? 
kharp11 posts02-04-2018 9:34pmI realize this thread has a little bit of age, but, was wondering if anyone here still has a set of prints on the Usher 1.5 or 2.5 they'd be willing to send?

PM  vvvinashhh he has them.

Cheers George
Hello George. 
Is it possible to obtain a schematic for an usher 1.5 ? 
Thanks in advance for your reply 
Dave amps keep breaking down or what? 

George said vvvinashhn has it.
I have the schematics .... please provide your email id.
please send me a copy for r 1.5
mboldda1 at sbcglobal dot net