Usher R 1.5 power amp a good buy today?

Hi, wondering if the Usher R 1.5 power amp would be a good buy today, it is an old Treshold design, works in class A, then into class AB up to 150w.
The amp new is about $3300.
Plan to use it with a tube pre amp, 
I have also been looking at Van Alstine Set 400 which is said to have a few watts in class A.
I really like tubes in my pre amp, but have also been checking out the class A Luxman 590 II intergrated amp.
My speakers are Graham Audio LS 5/9.

Would be nice to get some input from the experience, users on this forum have, maybe in relation to bbc speaker design and what amps work well with them.
Good amp.

I had the R2.5 for repair, they sound good if biased A up to around 50c heat sink on a hot day, I showed the circuit to Nelson, and they did put another gain stage in before the driver compared to his Stasis models, to which he said, good idea (better dynamics).
I played around with the R2.5, same circuit, just more transistors higher rails more power, which I have the circuit for, if you ever need it I gave it to some one has it here on Audiogon you’ll have to search, made him promises to pass it on to who ever needs it. (please don't ask me)

Cheers George
I recently purchased 2 R1.5 to use as mono block. Well built powerful amps that make my Celestion SL12si or Emerald Physics CS 2.3 sing.

They are also very heavy, I believe over 80lbs each. So not easy to move around. I paired them with a Cambridge Audio N851 dac/pre or with a cheap Yamaha receiver I use as a preamp. Both sound nicely and can't hear any difference.