Usher R 1.5 power amp

anyone have any experience with this amp?
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I heard this amp in the Usher store in Taipei driving the entire Usher Speaker line including the new Grand Towers. I was very impressed and I am probably going to buy one through my local dealer.
I heard these amps driving the mini one, mini two, the grands towers in Taipei. They sounded excellent so I am going to buy one from my local dealer.
I use them as mono blocks driving my Usher BE20 with great result.
Built like a tank, weight like a tank with tube warm sounding with lot of head room. Unfortunately, resale value is not good. People don't seem appreciate Usher gear value. I had 3 of them now sold them all for Carver 180 mono running KT120s. These tube amps match nicely with Diamond DMD tweeter of BE20

How old we're your usher amps and how much were you able to sell them for? Were they the balanced version?
I have the Usher 6 channel amp that I would sell if anyone is interested.
My pairs have balance inputs but not connect internally (stock), that's upgrade option.
They're about 100 hours usage and I sold them for $2500, took a big lost
I Judi just purchased an usher 1.5 monster size, weight and overall power, drives my Von Schweikert VR4.5, amazing sound quality and beautiful to look at