Usher "Sub" SW-103 Anyone have that can comment

I am looking for a sub to add for 2-channel only with Silverline SR17 Monitors. I have heard Usher speakers but have not heard this sub they have out.
Does anyone have this sub that they can comment on ?
Not sure where this may go but it's my understanding that we are better off using 2 subs and not one, is that correct?
My budget is about 1500.00 Total for this.
Your input is appreciated as where I live we really have no Audio store that is geared towards 2-channel so I am limited on what I can audition.
Curious how you arrived at the Usher sw103? I know nothing about it myself. It just doesn't come up often

I auditioned a REL Britannia 3 and Martin Logan Abyss (and Dynamo) at a big box (magnolia) paired with sonus faber bkshelves. << I mention this because Mag is fairly common and allows you to audition one of the best subs around: REL.
I went with an Abyss (great sound and value vs. the REL). My sub is in a 2.1 with my Tetra120us (which is also part of a Denon/Tetra/Morel/MartinLogan 5.1 HT set up) But it's use is 80% 2.1 music.

Highly regarded music subs:
REL B-Series, Strata series
MJ Acoustics

Well regarded music subs:
Martin Logan Gratto, Dynamo, abyss,
Just knowing Usher is making some great speakers, I found the Sub on Dedicated Audio web site. I thought the specs were good, I liked the piano black finish, but have never heard one.
Martin Logan and Rel are on my list.