Usher Model Question

I was looking on Ushers site because I heard a while back that they were going to release a monitor in their Dancer series. I did find a monitor (CD777 ll). Upon further research I noticed that it must be the companies main site and not the U.S. site. Is this the new monitor, or is simply a model that never made it to the states and never will? I think it looks stunning, and if it sounds anywhere near as good as it looks....

I noticed on the U.S. site they had an announcement that they would be showing a new model from the Dancer series, the BE-718 at the Home Entertainment Show May 11th, in New York.

Any info on either of these products?

As the number one Usher master here is the complete skinny: the older CD 777 was too big and bulky a form factor to sell in the quantities necessary to import it.

The new 718BE is designed to offer alot of the same sound quality of the floorstanding 8571MK II for a very economical price of $2,500.00 a pair. This is half the price of a comparable JM Labs model, so I think the biggest problem Usher is going to have is building enough of these guys to meet demand!

We will be demonstrating the BE 10 with all Nuforce REV 2 products at the HE 2007 show, so for those wanting a bit more beryillium we will have them there. RM 1419.
Thanks for the info! Will this new model use beryillium for both tweeter and mid/bass driver? (I am assuming it to be a 2 way) $2,500 would be very attractive.

Are you affiliated with the company? I would love to give some of these models a test drive but I can't find a dealer anywhere near me.
>>As the number one Usher master here<<

How do you figure that? Self appointed I presume.

>>We will be demonstrating the BE 10<<

You are not an Usher employee. Knock off the selling here. It cost you the AMR line as you know.
Please do not take this as rude, but I asked two simple questions which were answered. Your post is in no way relevant to this topic. I did not ask for a comparison to other brands etc. Just wanted to know if anyone had any information in regards to these two specefic models, which Audiooracle did. I understand that you are trying to bring to light this gentlemans affiliation or lack of with Usher. I am assuming that if he is not an Usher employee that he carries their line, which makes him as qualified as any imo to comment on a new product introduction. I don't think that he tried to sell anything, simply gave some driver info and price. If you have a quam with him commenting on Usher save it for a post where someone asks an opinion of a speaker, not factual information. Again, I'm not trying to be hateful to you I just do not think that your comments were warranted.
Thank you sir. If you were offended, please accept my apology.

However, the dealer is not an Usher employee and has continuously used these threads for his self promotion. Finally, to call oneself the "number one Usher master" is incredibly self indulgent, disingenuous, and misleading.

Thank you.
I understand where you are coming from. To many times threads get off topic with back and forth punches. Just trying to moderate the thread I guess. Rest assured that what I took as factual information was not that he is "the number one Usher master".
I am no longer an Usher dealer so have nothing at all to gain with posting on this thread but I can shed some light.
The new stand mount BE-718 speaker is the brainchild if Joseph D' Appolito. It was based on the 718 model which was one of my favorite Usher speakers. He has been working on this one for a while now. It started out as a personal endeavor from what I recall and the results exceeded even his expectations.
I beleive it uses only the BE tweeter and the original Usher manufacturered woofer but I do not know for sure.
A friend of mine, "Semi", who posts here quite often just visited USHER's flag store in Taipei, Taiwan a few weeks back. I consider Semi to have golden ears and he doesn't get impressed easily. He has a pair of Sonus Faber Amati. He just wrote us an e-mail last week raving on and on about the BE-20. He is currently working overseas on assignment and wanted to get a pair of BE-718 for his apartment, but apparently USHER doesn't even have a pair in their flag store yet.

Usher offers a lot of sound for them money. As an owner of the BE-20's I am impressed. They have a very seductive midrange and present music in lively fashion.
Sorry to kind of go off topic here. Chuck, how big is your room? Someone's selling a pair on Agon claiming they are too big for his room. I am just trying to hear from other owners what they think. They are definitely too big for my current situation, but I would like to know if they would fit into the dedicated room that I'm intending to build.

Home Entertainment Show starts today. Anyone that is in attendance and has the opportunity to check these out please let us know what the specs are and impressions.
You need a big room for the usher Be-10 thats for sure, they are big speakers and need room from the back and side walls to realy breathe the music nicely.
The Be-20 with dual 11" eton woofers must command even more space.
With the BE-10's i found that at least 48" from the back wall are a must, even more in some cases and a good 3 feet
from the center of the woofer to side walls.
I would recomend a room not smaller than 16 feet by 20 to appreciate this speaker to the max.
The bass is huge, tastefull and very well textured,the midrange and highs are spookyly transparent and they throw a wide and deep soundstage when placed properly.
I found these speakers to be a big notch above the 8571MK2 from the same series.
as for the new tiny dancers, i cannot wait to give them a listen,the review in soundstage magazine just came out and its all praises for this monitor priced south of 3K.
I see from reading some of your other posts you are an Usher dealer.

Your comments without disclosure are misleading and inappropriate.
Hello Audiofeil.

I am just answering the questions initiated in this thread.
I have heard tons of speakers,i love electrostatics for what they do the best.
I have owned many speakers from different makers over the years,some wher bad, some pretty good and some where just great.
Are the ushers the best bang for the buck out there? i cannot say because i have not heard all the speakers on the market.
I do believe from extended listening to a few of the models that yes indeed they offer very good sound for the money,some models offer more than others just like the offerings of other high-end speaker manufacturers.
there is no bias here, i was answering someones question on how big a room you would need to make the BE-10 or BE-20
sound at their peak.
And my appreciation on their qualitys are based on my many hours of torough listening sessions.
My current speakers are Jm Labs micro utopia's which i have no affiliation to but i do have only high praise for.
These are the prefect match for my room size right now and just downright dig the sound they produce, i was a music lover and audiophile way before i started helping one of my long time friend in his audio business.
Nick72, greatly appreciated for the info. I got to hear the BE-10 and the BE-718 at the RMAF show. They sound pretty good.

Thanks a lot Frank.
The pleasure is mine.I still have not heard the BE-718 but cannot wait.
I listened to the BE-718 ($2500) and BE-20 ($16000) on Saturday Oct 6, 2007 at a Bay Area dealer (Campbell, CA)

I wanted to hear what all the fuss was about.

There are only two speakers I have heard in the past that I immdiately thought, "wow I want to buy it". One was the Avalon Diamond and the other was the Revel Salon (I bought it). Now there is a third and that would be the BE-718.

For a smaller sized room this would be the speaker I get. This speaker sounds beautiful. The top end is something special. So clear and clean. The bass was also surprisingly good for such a tiny speaker. I have heard the Revel M20 (also a monitor speaker) before at a home system and liked it but did not love it like the BE-718.

I am seriously considering scalling back my system (sell Salons) and make a smaller system with the BE-718. I live in the Bay Area, CA and most houses are rather small. I am currently renting a great cottage with a massive room for my Salons. After the BE-718 demo, I spent the whole night listening to my Salons to see if I could part with them. Around 4:00 AM I realized, no way, not right now. When I buy a place and if the place cannot handle my Salons then the BE-718 are moving in.

I am not going to comment on BE-20 since the gear hooked up to it did not have enough power to drive the speakers for my music (rock, reaggae). They need a very large room.