Usher Horn D-2

Yesterday i heard these horns from usher audio (they have only 1 model.
It was very impressive, here in europe we don't have many horns (i think mostly because of the large sizes), on the other hand in Japan Horns are very popular,althought the have generally smaller rooms.

Has any one set up these horns with some serious equipment? because I heard them with a cheap tube amplifier.
No, Usher has several different speakers. The D2 is their biggest (and probably greatest?). I'm very curious to how they are sounding. Where did you hear those Rob?
I heard them in the Netherlands.
With ML30 + 35 + Edgar tube amplifier
HI Dazzdax,
If you are anywhere near New York, you are welcome to stop by my place and listen to the Usher D2. A very unique speaker to say the least.
are the sher d2 s[peakers still for sale mike
Hello, I have sold the Usher D2 Horn Speakers. They are quite impressive and did go through some serious gear with them while they were here.

I am an owner of Usher D2 equipped with the TAD 4001 driver. After few years of auditioning I can admit that these speakers can play amazingly well, especially with very good amplifiers. They can be partnered with tube monoblocks (Audion, 10W S.E 300B or Geroukis, 70W Parallel S.E amps 211 VT-4C) or solid state (Plinius 2 X 250W). Depending on what you want you can adapt the sound to your taste. Remember that although huge and heavy speakers (236 kg) they can sing even in small rooms.