Usher Grand Towers

Has anyone heard the usher grand towers yet? There is a pair in Sight and Sound Home Theater in San Ramon, CA being driven by a pair of Parasound JC-1s. I think they sound a bit on the warm side but wonder if anyone else has heard them. This dealer is having a huge demo sale May 16-19 and they have a surprisingly large selection of high end gear. If you're in the SF Bay Area, it's probably worth checking out.
Actually i was there couple of weeks ago and checked them out. I was not very impressed, the bass overwhelmed anything coming out of speakers. I was impressed by the Parasound amp though. Will check out the sale when it happens.
When I first heard them they were in their HT room and the bass was very boomy. Now they are out in the main showroom and sound a bit better. Still I would prefer more high end sizzle. They also have a pair of JBL Everests in the theater room and those sound pretty good.