Usher Dancers - advice on finishes

Wondering if anyone who has actually seen the Usher Mini Dancer line in the flesh could venture an opinion as to what finish (maple, birch, or walnut) looks best. Images on the net are helpful, but only up to a point; so I'm keen to add any personal opinions into the mix. I own Be718s and so am familiar with the birch finish, but that's it.
Thanks in advance.
beauty is in the eye of the beholder
as a Usher Audio Dealer they all have a great look, it realy depends on your own taste....
PrimeOne Media

I recently purchased a pair of Mini 2s in maple. The finish is done right. The wood has a beautiful grain and looks classy not cheap. I think the light color helps the grain on the wood sides stand out and highlights the curves as well. The only thing I would point out is that the lighter color shows the layers of wood on the sides of the top plate more than the darker colors. My neighbor said it reminded him of the finish on his Magico V3s. I have been very happy with the finish and equally impressed with the sound. Also, I have a pair of Be718s (black) in a second system and love them as well.