Usher Dancer Mini Two DMD vs. A.Z. Adagio?

Hi, I've just read the Usher review in TAS. Has anyone heard it who is very familiar with the Adagio? I'm esp. interested in how much better the Usher's bass is. It's hard for me to believe it really goes as low as is stated. How does the DMD tweeter compare to the Adagio's ribbon?

Of course the overall presentation is the bottom line, but bass is what most has me considering replacing my Adagios. The DMD tweeter "sounds" like it may be more accurate / neutral than I'd really like. My front end is a Unico SE integrated and Cairn Fog 3 cd.
I am a dealer for Usher and I used to sell the Addagio.

The Ushers are a far superior set of speakers, the DMD tweeter has even greater resolution than the Addagio's ribbon.

The Usher's bass response is very dependent of room positioning and equipment matching.

The Addagio's bass tends to go a bit deeper and is easier to get that bass, when things are right with the Ushers is quite deep and tight.

Overall the Usher has a more musical presentation, superior treble detail without grain.