Usher Dancer mini 2 or Acoustic Zen Adagio or ?

I have a $3000-$5000 budget. I like both of these speakers and I wish I could listen to them side by side, but that's not going to happen...I am open to new or used units. Please share experiences and opinions. Any floor standing choices you would include?
To be paired with my Belles LA-01 line pre and SA100 amp.



We used to sell both, but don't sell either right now. l would say that a well setup pair of the Ushers are an overall better speaker. 

The DMD tweeter has wonderful detail and is very smooth and airy, and it is a better tweeter than the Adagios, the Usher midrange is clearer and they throw a very large sound stage.

The Zens are very competent speakers they are not as magical as the Ushers. 

Two other excellent speakers available here now are Reference 3A Grand Veenas and Vandersteen Quatros.  Not sure how they compare to the two you're looking at but certainly worth considering.  Best of luck. 

I have listened to both and own the Usher DMD 2's and they are a superb speaker, the highs with the diamond type tweeter is great and you cannot beat the low level response and detail that you get with these speakers. A friend of mine has the Adagio's and they are too a nice sounding speaker, better mated with low power and single ended tune amps is where they really shine.


I agree with audiotroy regarding his description of the Ushers. Although I've never heard the mini 2s, I own the BE-718s and Mini 1 DMDs. As long as you have enough quality power, you'll enjoy them. Bi-wire is mandatory for best sound IMO.