Usher Dancer Mini 1 vs Signature S2

I just bought a pair of MD1s having never heard an Usher loudspeaker in my life (I live in the audio wasteland of Houston). I listen in a 12' x 16' room with my current Paradigm S2 V1s positioned on a long wall. Can any of you guys who are familiar with the sound of both these speakers give me some idea as to what sonic differences I might expect? I'm guessing that the Ushers will be less bright (diamond tweeter vs aluminum) and will extend somewhat lower. What other characteristics might the Ushers have as opposed to the S2s? Thanks guys.
The MINI-ONE are pretty neutral so the sound will differ with associated electronics. With good tubes amplifiers, the result is great cause the neutral side of this speaker let people think it's a little thin in the medium frequencies.

The S2 are more colored speakers with a emphasis in the upper bass area. Phase is good but not as open and transparent as the MD1 (due to the DMD tweeter).