usher dancer ac-10 owners comment+compatison

i am very interested in the ac-10 but would like to get more information about the speaker.
i read the review in stereotimes but didn't get too much out of,now i try to get some ac-10 owners to comment about their speakers or anybody who has listened to them.
questions would concern associated equipment ,character of the speaker in they play classic music as well as they can rock?why is the power handling only 100w?
not very much it seems for such a large speaker.
also ,how big is your room ,what other speakers did you compare them too and with what results,how did you set them up(how far from the back wall)?????etc.......
any hint would be much appreciated
I would like to hear about this speaker too. Gotta be some owners out there somewhere.
Sorry guys! Been on vacation, didn't catch this thread until today.

I am a proud owner of the AC-10's. I have owned them for just a little over 3 mos. now, so have a decent grip on their sound. First, I don't know why they are only rated at 100 watts. I think Usher is just being ultra conservative because I heard them play VERY loud in at the dealer ( with a 200 WPC amp) with absolutely no strain.

I'm currently powering mine with the excellent Pass 250.5, in a fairly large (18'x15'x9') room, and I primarily listen to prog rock, jazz, etc. at "life like" volume.

Without going into a complete review here, they are absolutely one of the best dynamic speakers I have heard, and by far the best speaker system that I have owned. This coming from a die-hard electrostatic guy no less. They have all the speed and transparency of stats, but with the impact and freqency extremes of dynamics. VERY coherent, speak with "one voice" and image like a bear in my system.

Without question worth seeking out for a listen if you are in the market for a speaker in this price range, or quite a bit above too.