Usher CP-8871 MK II... what kind of sound?

I've never heard them but given some have come up at a good price in the right color used, they may be worth a look.

What is their sound similiar to? Focal Electra? Rockport? B&W?

Id be matching it with Linn Klimax electronics...

Just wanting to see if its worth my time listening to them with my gear..

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I would say they're a slightly warm sounding speaker, though not veiled, with a nice stout bass to them. They do like power, the more the merrier!

I actually really enjoy the 88/8571 series speakers, they're a great bargain at the used prices I've seen lately. I think they would go quite well with your Linn gear, definitely worth your time. An easy upgrade is to replace the wiring and binding posts with pure copper wire and Cardas binding posts, a very worthwhile upgrade. Though I'm an Usher dealer I have "no dog in this hunt", just trying to offer some honest advice and help out a fellow member. I hope this helps you.
I have Usher X 718 and like them very much. Smooth detailed sound, great looks and great value. I have had good results from NAD and Musical Fidelity amps. I would bet they sound better with better electronics.
Thank you guys

Ill schedule a listen to this pair, I think perhaps just taking my cables and my amplifiers is enough for an initial listen...

My amplifiers supply 500watts @ 4ohms and 270 @ 8 so that should be plenty of power
I have a pair of 8571s (MK2 upgraded to DMD) and they are absolutely fantastic no matter what kind of music is thrown at them. Superb resolution, excellent dynamics ( i really wanted a speaker that could could make me jump out and they do that and then some). I think Usher is one of the most badly marketed companies around and their products do deserve a lot more attention then they get.