Usher CP 8871 MK II, room size and comments?

So, the room I have is a suspended timber floor, 11.5ft x 14.7ft x 8ft

Would this speaker be too large for the room?
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should be fine, I have a pair of Thiel 2.4 in the same size room (11/15/8) and I feel like the room could support more bass than the one 8" driver my Thiels have.

Can you get them out from the front wall a good bit, say 4 feet and sit 3 feet from the back wall?
Thanks, yeah I can get them off the wall. Its the same location my Focals are in right now and im about 2-3 off the rear wall. Its more about the breathing space these speakers listen to as its quite nearfield listening with my dimensions and those speaker locations

Would be interetsed to know from fellow 8871 owners.
you may have a problem with bass overload, i have usher 6381's in a 12 x 15 x8 room and with one 8 in. woofer the bas can be overpowering with bass heavy music.
yeah sounds like the room is too small, thanks anyway!