Usher cp-8511 or Proac D80 or Spendor sp100r

Hi,I have now Audia Flight pre and audia 50 50w in A and Tannoy TD12.I am going to experiment with some other speakers.Also have one more system containg Naim scds2,82,Supercap and 250 all olive line.Which speaker from above would you recommend?I have not heard either of them.About same price used.I have to mention I have big room 6x8x4m.
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I don't know how helpful this will be. I'm very familiar with the SP100, but I haven't heard the new version at all, and I don't even know what was changed. Having said that, I have also owned 2 different Proac models, and they are quite different from Spendor. They have better precision in imaging if that is important, and they also have quicker transient attack. The Spendors have great flow and coherence, and vocals are great.They are different enough in character that you should really hear them both. As far as the Usher goes, I have not heard any of them, but I would be surprised if they could beat Proac or Spendor. By the way, in the price range that you are in, try to hear the Harbeth Monitor 40, or 40.1. You will be surprised.
I have heard HL5 and I was stunned,never heard anything like this.It was on hifi show in Prague this year.Unfortunately I only heard some accoustical guitar recording which was amazing,details,soundstage and depth.I don't know how it performs with other musical styles.I know I need something bigger then small monitors and Harbeth 40.1 are also on my list but they are still too expensive used.
I used ProAc bookshelf speakers, and before upgrading them, I auditioned Spendor SP100R and ProAc D series. My final choice was Spendor SP100R, as they really deliver the best theatre sound effect I have ever heard at this price range, very natural, ralaxing and balanced sound. They do have "sweet spot", but you don't have to sit in the couch exactly in front of the speakers to listen to good music; the sweet sound is everywhere in your room.