Usher CP-6381

Can I get any opinions of this speaker? The Usher line seems to be a deal but is this speaker comparable to other high end speakers?
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Hi Ken,

Just had addition to family a little one .. and was thinking about going to plinius int .. but its on hold now, how does Manley Laboratories Stingray control the lower frequency as good as plinius ?


Congratulations Melind!! Great news indeed. I understand you holding off on that Plinius amp!

Since I have the 71's now,they are an easier load at 90db and 4 ohm. Dual tandem 7" drivers respond very well to the 50W tubes. On the right speakers,such as these, the Manley does very well on the lower freqs. So would the Plinius as well.
i also have the 6381 and i am very happy driving them with an aloia 15.01 of the most underrated amps out there .it is rated 60w but was measured 120! it is very smooth in the mids and highs but has great control in the bass because it can produce a lot of current.
and the best thing is that you can get this 6000$ beauty of an italian amp for 70% of its retail prize if you are lucky to find one on the gon.

Sounds like a nice amp to match the 6381's. If you read my post previously on this thread'll notice that I said I was going to Electrostats after selling my 801's....well that WAS the plan, but as you may have noticed..I went back to the Ushers 6371's instead. I realized what an exceptional speaker the Usher was and with the right amp...superb! The 71's do better for my modest size room.
I believe that the original poster of this thread went with another speaker however FWIW..
Kehut, are you still around? I just dug up this old thread as I'm considering buying a used pair of 81's. It's been awhile so I was curious if you're still using the 71's? Also, I would very much like to hear why you prefer these to the 81's.

If I'm reading correctly, it sounds as though the 81's might be a little hard to drive? At least with the Odyssey Stratos, which I thought was a pretty beefy amp, and one that I've been considering.

I have a fairly large room ~ 18' X 22' X 14' (WLH) and an open floor plan. I have allot of space to fill. I use an Outlaw model-755 200wpc @ 8 Ohms rms all channels driven and 300 wpc @ 4 Ohms. My current speakers are Energy Veritas 2.3i's which have specifiction very similar to the 81's, but they list 87dB anechoic and 90dB typical in-room, both are 8 Ohm.

Any info you (or anyone else familiar with these speakers) can provide will be appreciated.