Usher CP-6381

Can I get any opinions of this speaker? The Usher line seems to be a deal but is this speaker comparable to other high end speakers?

I am not exactly sure what is high end but I preferred this speaker over the following ones

Anthony Gallo ref III
Monitor Audio Gold 60
Paradigm ref 100 V2 (Previous speakers)
Sonus Faber
Joseph Audio
B&W 7 series
Odyssey Lorelei

and here is my setup -

Room 25 X 22 X 10 open at the end
Jolida JD 100 CDP
Odyssey tempest pre
Odyssey stratos cap upgrade
Zu Wax speaker cables

This speaker is more open and fills the room as compare to other speakers, if you need more info on this one search on for 6381.

Hope this helps.


As a former owner of the 6381's. This speaker is VERY competitive with just about everything in its price range. What many dont know is that it is more competitive with several well respected designs that cost twice its price! Deep controlled bass and lower to upper mids that are about as good as it gets with proper placement, amplification, room set up, and associated equip. Coherence of the midrange, and a very natural, not too forward presentation are among the strong points. Great dynamics. Lacks a little warmth overall in absolute terms which can be compensated for with some high quality tube gear. I think it may sound its best with tubes, but my ARC LS25/Plinius SA250 combo drove them very nicely. I ultimatley went with a B&W 801 with Northcreek crossovers which had better punch and air on top. But in some ways the 6381 is more coherent and goes deeper with less roll off in the bass than even my 801's. do. At times I wish I had the Ushers back...but, who knows, I just sold my 801's for Electrostats! Hope this helps, Ken
Thanks for the Information on the Ushers. The 6381 has been upgraded recently. Are your speakers the newer version?

I had the orig version of the 6381's. I just put a pair of 6371's in service in my system. They are in the same room as the 6381's were. I have to admit that theses 71's integrate way better than the 81's for me on my equipment, and do not sacrifice much bass in comparison, but are not as boomy as the 81's. I would highly recommend the 71's unless you have a rather large room and even then the 71's may still be a better choice. Usher also added a 6391 with a 10" driver in the same position as the 8" of the 81's. I have not heard the 91's.

Good Listening! Ken
Hi Ken,

You put it correctly ... my 6381 are not boomy but in the beginning I had a problem, as promised by the dealer it wasn't producing as much bass, may be because of the amplification (odyssey tempest + odyssey stratos) and other components .. the room size is 22 X 25 X 10 open to kitchen. I still think 6311 and a good sub may be what my room needed .. then again I am happy with my current setup.


Hi Milind,

Yes, I remember you mentioning that. Are you still using the the Odyssey gear on your 81's? Glad your enjoying them. You may have been suprised to see that I have indeed gone back to using the Usher speakers. It was hard to let go of the 81's several months back, but it did indeed work out for the best to find the 71's. I cant believe how good the Ushers really are!

Pal, I noticed on another thread that you were going with a pair of Caravelles!. Congratulations. I was intreagued by them after hearing of all the many excellent word of mouth on these forums from those who own them. If they weren't more than just a little out of my self imposed price range, I may have thought more seriously about them. Best of luck with them! :) Ken
Hi Ken,

Just had addition to family a little one .. and was thinking about going to plinius int .. but its on hold now, how does Manley Laboratories Stingray control the lower frequency as good as plinius ?


Congratulations Melind!! Great news indeed. I understand you holding off on that Plinius amp!

Since I have the 71's now,they are an easier load at 90db and 4 ohm. Dual tandem 7" drivers respond very well to the 50W tubes. On the right speakers,such as these, the Manley does very well on the lower freqs. So would the Plinius as well.
i also have the 6381 and i am very happy driving them with an aloia 15.01 of the most underrated amps out there .it is rated 60w but was measured 120! it is very smooth in the mids and highs but has great control in the bass because it can produce a lot of current.
and the best thing is that you can get this 6000$ beauty of an italian amp for 70% of its retail prize if you are lucky to find one on the gon.

Sounds like a nice amp to match the 6381's. If you read my post previously on this thread'll notice that I said I was going to Electrostats after selling my 801's....well that WAS the plan, but as you may have noticed..I went back to the Ushers 6371's instead. I realized what an exceptional speaker the Usher was and with the right amp...superb! The 71's do better for my modest size room.
I believe that the original poster of this thread went with another speaker however FWIW..
Kehut, are you still around? I just dug up this old thread as I'm considering buying a used pair of 81's. It's been awhile so I was curious if you're still using the 71's? Also, I would very much like to hear why you prefer these to the 81's.

If I'm reading correctly, it sounds as though the 81's might be a little hard to drive? At least with the Odyssey Stratos, which I thought was a pretty beefy amp, and one that I've been considering.

I have a fairly large room ~ 18' X 22' X 14' (WLH) and an open floor plan. I have allot of space to fill. I use an Outlaw model-755 200wpc @ 8 Ohms rms all channels driven and 300 wpc @ 4 Ohms. My current speakers are Energy Veritas 2.3i's which have specifiction very similar to the 81's, but they list 87dB anechoic and 90dB typical in-room, both are 8 Ohm.

Any info you (or anyone else familiar with these speakers) can provide will be appreciated.


Still have the 71's..both the 71 and 81 are similar in their sound..the 81's can bass punch a bit better IMO. I used a range of amps from a 250W Plinius SA-250 down to the Manley Stingray at 40W..both will drive the 81's without a sweat.You have more than enough amp to drive the 81's IMO

I have a 19x22x8 room which opens into the rest of the house. Because the best sonics in my system put the speakers almost 4ft from the front wall...My listening seat is roughly 10' from the speakers..not really near field..but would have liked a few more feet.

What I found is that the 8" woofer of the 81's was not as integrated with the mid/tweeter at that distance...The 71's have a more coherent presentation in my room with little sacrifice in the bass...Both are extraordinary speakers..If you can place them where you can be further back..I'm sure they Will not disappoint. FWIW..I heard the 81's at a dealer and auditioned both the 71's and 81's..In his room, the 81's were killer..listening seat was more than 10'( I would estimate ~14-15 ft)..But, in my room the 71's do better.

hope that helps you.

Kehut, thanks for the response. I bought the 81's today, but the seller is waiting for new boxes to arrive so it will be a couple of weeks before I get them. Enough time to sell some stuff to help pay for them. :-)

My seating distance is ~14' from the speakers. I'm more concerned about the distance from the rear wall as these speakers are rear ported. Haven't tried a rear ported speaker in this room.

Good to hear they're not that hard to drive. I really like my Veritas' so I have high hopes indeed for the 81's.

I'll do a follow-up post and let everyone know how the two speakers compare once I've had them in my system for awhile.

I'm going to be like a kid waiting for Christmas the next couple of weeks/ :-)

Congrats. I think you'll like the Ushers. Play with the speaker positions and seat/rear wall distance if you can.The speakers are pretty heavy, but will slide well on carpet on their iron bases. Then mount your spikes at the end. I found that a modest toe-in is best..not directly at you..but not straight ahead either.

If these are used and already broken may want to fill the rear cavities with shot or sand after getting used to their sound. I used #9 lead shot and 3/4 filled the cavity in my 71's. This really deepend the bass and provided authority.

Kehut, thanks for the advise. I just made a deal on a Stratos amp with redboard and cap upgrade. Hopefully this will be a good match.

What speakers cables are you folks using?
Audio Art SC-5 Bi-wire and the IC-3 with Eichmanns
i'm using audio art ic-3 interconnects with straley reality speaker cables. i have some audio art sc-5 speaker cables coming in to compare.