Usher BE718 or Spendor SA1

Which of these two speakers would be better for small listening room beginning 2 channel system. I have listened to the Spendors and really like them, but I can't hear the Ushers but the reviews are outstanding

Also id Mcintosh MC275 or Rogue audio Cronus magnum enough to drive these speakers

Any help would be greatly appreciated

The 718 DMD are quite amazing little speakers, they treble with the new DMD tweeter is detailed yet sweat, they have excellent dynamics and deep bass for the size of the cabinet.

The Spendors are a more traditional English sound, very good performance, with a very nice liquid midrange but are not as transparent, or dynamic as the Ushers.

You can't really go wrong with either speaker both speakers are aroudn 87db or so you would have enough juice to power either. The Usher's will sound marvelous with a tube amplifier as they are a more transparent speaker to begin with.

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I have the Ushers and love them. Very natural sound for a small speaker. You will need to factor in good speaker stands too.
How do they compare to the Harbeth 7ES-3. Can you recommend some tube integrateds to power these speakers

Thanks for the help