Usher Be20

I need some help on how to safely remove grilles from woofers.

Also would like to know wich improvements I can have filling their base with lead or sand, if someone tried.

Thank you.
I dont know about the speaker grill but I will filling my base up with lead shot this weekend. It will take me a while because I first have to put the shot into little bags then put each bag into the base. I want to do this so it is easier to remove the lead shot later if I want. I will keep you updated.
tank you for uour answer Tboooe. Where did you purchased lead shots? An armory?
Nice setup.
alecog, I purchased some lead shot from an outdoor type shop that of course sold guns. It was not too hard to find.

Thank you for the kind words by the way.
you can remove the grill by inserting a thin credit card between the baffle and grill - just wiggle a bit and you can get a grip on the grill to remove. I think they 20's look much better with the woofer grills removed.
I just read the review of BE-10 from the Taiwanese magazine from a few years back. The reviewer did mention that by adding the lead shots, it helped tighten up the mid-bass which he thought was kind of loose in his early listening sessions.

By the way, JPS cables just announced that they have provided internal wiring and crossover upgrades to the BE-10. The new version will be called BE-10 Examplar. But they will also be providing the kit to retrofit existing ones. The cost will be around $6k (US). I forgot to ask whether that is available for the BE-20.

The USHER room was playing both speakers side-by-side. Both sets were hooked up to two completely different systems, one analog and one digital. One was clearly more transparent than the other. But I am not sure how much of the difference can really be attributed to the "upgrade".

The RMAF Exemplar demo used Belles SS on the stock Be10 and tubes on the modded crossover version. I recognized the "sound" of the stock speaker as similar to my own stock Be20. The modded speakers were much smoother and more transparent, less "there." $6k that's a tall price.
Does anyone know if the original 8871's have a chamber for leadshot?
Gpr does a xover and wiring upgrade for a very reasonable $500-650. Depending on options. 
There’s 2 pairs for sale right now and they have to be one of the easiest hi end speakers to drive I ever owned. If I had the room they would have been my last pair.