Usher BE-718 & Zu Druid Sepakers

Hi, I'm using McCormack DNA225 and Usher BE-718 at the moment. Someone whos is staying nearly 300km from wanted to exchange Zu Druid with my Usher. So, demo is not possible as once he make the journey pity for him for me to say no because of the sound if I were not to like it.

So, I'm asking you guys out there who has the experience about Zu speakers. I know that Zu has 101db suitable for low powered amp...
I have not heard the Usher BE-718 speakers, but I owned a pair of Zu Druids. Zu came out with an upgrade kit in 2008, which was the MKIV version. This upgrade noticeably improved the Druids, so check to see if the pair you are considering has this upgrade. The Druids are very good speakers, but are not full-range and do not go down to much below 35 Hz. Paired with subwoofers, they can be part of an excellent setup. I sold my Druids and bought the Zu Essence, which has greatly improved bass, better midrange, and a superior upper end compared to the Druids.
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What don't you like or what are you looking to improve upon over the Ushers? With the McCormack amp you certainly don't need more sensitive speakers, so I find it strange you mention that at all unless you're looking to go to a low-powered SET or something like that.
I too own the Druids, and while they'll handle all the power of the McCormack, you'll want to make sure the amp is quiet enough to not drive you crazy. Both the MOSFET amps I tried with the Druids had far too much hiss to be enjoyable. I use an Audiosector Patek gainclone right now and it's dead silent.