Usher Be - 718's for Home Theater and 2 Channel

I am considering changing my speakers in my Home Theater room. I listen to a lot of multi channel audio and 2 channel music. I also watch a lot of movies.

My room is a dedicated audio/vido room that has been redone from ceiling to floor. One of the issues I have is the size, it is a redone bedroom about 12'x10' with an 8' ceiling. I have three theater seats right at the back of the room, and I sit about 8' from my front speakers. Enclosed is the current gear and speaker set up:

Integra 9.8 Processor
Arcam P7 Multichannel Amp
Arcam DV 139 Universal Player
Sony ES 2000 Blu-Ray Player
HD Satellite Box

Paradigm Reference Studio 100's V.3
Paradigm Reference Studio Center Channel
Paradigm Reference ADP 470 Surrounds
Velodyne 10" SPL Sub
High End Audioquest Bi-Wire Di-electric Cables

I think the large Pardigm's are a little overpowering at higher volumes in my room.

I am considering switching from the current set up and trying some high quality monitors. A couple of friends of mine recently purchased the Usher Be 718's. After being broke in for a couple hundred hours these speakers sound very good, (Incredible imaging, sweet high end, good bass response and great build quality).

I also understand that Usher is going to release a new center speaker with the Beryllium tweeters in Dec, this would be match the 718's well.

Any comments on the Usher Be-718's in my room and equipment? Positives/Negatives

Any other recommendations on High End Monitor Speakers to audition? Price - $2500 to 4,000

If I choose the Usher's, can I still use the Paradigm ADP Surrounds, and will they sound good together for multichannel content? Any other suggestions on Bi-pole's to match with the Usher's? My only option is to have Speakers mounted on the rear wall behind my chairs, I can't accomodate monitors in the rear.

Any suggestions are appreciated and welcome. Thanks
Todd, I don't think your existing speakers are overpowering any more than any others would be with this setup. Sitting against the rear wall has you listening to standing waves. High volume makes this more pronounced. Options are few within these dimensions, can you move the seating forward a bit and treat the back wall to suck up the lower freqs?
Thanks for the suggestion, Zieman. Unfortunately, I have no room to move the seats forward. I just purchased a new Pioneer Elite 60" Plasma a couple of weeks ago and I don't have the room to move closer to it.

Maybe I just have acoustic challenges in this room. I thought maybe a little smaller speaker would change the acoustics a bit. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't sound terrible by no means.
I have the BE 718's for front 2 channel, and a mixed bag of Monitor Audio speakers for the center and surround speakers. I personally think concerns about matching surrounds to the front speakers are over blown.

My son-in-law has the Paradigm's and they're great but IMHP the Usher's are more refined in every respect.
Have you tried pulling the Studio 100s out from the wall more? You're already sitting pretty close to them, but if you haven't experimented with it yet it would be worthwhile seeing what happens when you pull the speakers further into the room. Also getting them away from the side walls and toe-in could also help.

Best of luck.
I am not familiar with your amplification, but I own both the Studio 100V3s (for about 4 first serious speakers) and the Usher BE 718s (1 month). My listening is strictly 2 channel. I did find placement w/ the Paradigms was much trickier than w/ the Ushers. My room is almost impossible for getting good along one wall and open to another room on the other side. I use a REL Storm III sub with the Ushers and that arrangement does provide a wider, more defined soundstage ( my room). The tonal presentation is more defined and even across the frequency spectrum with the Ushers; with the Paradigms the mid-range gets a little bloated, or should I say congested, especially with complex material. The comparison that comes to mind is the Paradigms are for rock and roll, the Ushers are for fine jazz. Saw your two speaker considerations and had to chime in! Don't know if this helps.