Usher Be 718 or Kitty Kat Revelators?

I am looking for a high quality monitor to stand close to the rear wall - no more than 2 feet - that will image and soundstage as a "regular" non/rear-ported speaker would at the Cardas magic point (5 feet in my 11 X 12 foot room)- which I cannot logistically do in this room. I have read rave reviews about both the new Usher Be 718, which was a wow at the HE 2007 and also the Kitty Kat Revelator. Any comments from anybody who has actually tried/listened to the Ushers close to the wall? From the photos of the show, they seemed to have been placed a few feet from the rear wall. Just because a speaker is front-ported, does not mean that it will image well against a wall? Correct? That's why I need real-word ears to tell me. System: APL 3910; Spacedeck; Shelter 501; Eastern Electric Minimax Phono-pre; Jadis DA 88 Signature.
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Current owner of BE-718 and have them placed 2' from back wall as well. All I can say is "wow". I have owned too many speakers in life (30+ pairs), BE-718 stands up against anything.

The most amazing part is the amount of detail at low volume, something you will not get with lower efficiency speakers. Bass is very tuneful and quick, very deep and good weight for the speaker size. BE tweeter is very detail, I have never heard violin music reproduced so beautifully. Tons of leading edge details, percussion has snaps and the quickness you don't hear on other speakers, decay is a little shorter but I attribute that to the faster response time of BE tweeter and not a shortcoming.

All in all, one of the finest monitor I have heard. I have owned Sonus Faber EA1, EA2, Guarneri Homage, Acoustic Energy AE1 Signature, Dynaudio Contour 1.3SE, and too many others that I can't remember. I only listed out monitors, I have owned more floor standers.
BTW, I posted a long reply to one of the BE-718 thread, but my reply never showed up. I stated the many strengths of BE-718 when compared to other speakers from my memory. Too bad.
next weekend in Michigan there is a demo of the new Tiny Dancer (Be-718) going to be done in 2 locations both near metro airport also the new Audiospace Ref 2. Good chance to see what all the fuss is about.
Semi, did you ever own/try Merlin TSMs, Proac 1s or Totem 1's for comparison? I am familiar with all of them.
Thanks for your input.
Kitty Kat Revelators look like they were built from Parts Express prebuilt cabinets. Not that their sound won't be good as I haven't heard them. I have however, heard lots of monitors in my day including the Be-718's and I have to say the 718's are awesome! I don't see any problem with placing them within 2' of the rear wall either. I've also heard the Totem "The One", the limited edition 20th aniversary model One, and it is amazing as well. It is very small, about $3600 has an extremely level crossover, and images like nothing else. The Ushers however sound like a bigger speaker, and got best of show at C.E.S. this year. Good luck!
I just heard the BE-20 at a demo that our local audiophile society had put together. They were paired with VTL equipment and VPI HRX w/ Airtight cart. The system sounded phenomenal! If I had the room that could accommodate these, I would have given the dealer my credit card and brought those babies home. I had heard the BE-10 and the BE-718 at the Stereophile Show and at RMAF last year. They sounded pretty good, but this demo was easily a level or two above.

I was hoping that they would hook up the BE-718 so I could hear them in a better setup. But that didn't happen. What I did see (on a printout posted on the bulletin board) was an e-mail from USHER notifying dealers that they are coming out with a bass unit to mate with BE-718. If that's the case, I may have to sell my Verity Parsifals and get myself a pair!

Wilson Duet will definitely work.