Usher BE-718 or Harbeth HL-P3es2: Your Opinion

Both have good reputations ultimately only your own ears should make the final decision. Trust them and you will be a lot happier.
i'll make your life more complicated here. get ohm micro walsh talls no matter what your equipment is....put the 'almost spent' money back in your pocket, and spend it down the road on other thing you won't have to spend it on will be speakers.....all that said, if you're determined to buy a 'tiny' loudspeaker, get a stirling LS 3/5 which will trick you into thinking there's at least 'some bass' small feat.
I will second the Ohm Walsh Micro Talls which are great speakers and have a tiny footprint. The Guru QM10's are also great speakers which sound best against the wall or corners.