Usher Be 718 or Dynaudio C1

Ok. I know this has been beat to death but I haven't read a lot of people who have actually compared the 2 with descriptions of the differences. Not looking for NO COMPARISON the Dyn will kick the crap out of the Usher etc. If anyone would like to give impressions would be appreciated. Thanks.
I've heard them both, but on different occasions with plenty of time elapsed in between. I remember being very impressed with the C1s, while the Ushers seemed just ok. You might want to check out the 'Storm of a Difference' portion of this review of the Ushers. It has a nice comparison of those to the Dynaudios. Good luck with whatever you decide!
Can't comment on the Ushers (never heard them) but I am a C1 owner. I will say that the C1 MKII/Sig doesn't need to be turned up to sound great like the original's did. I went from the original to the Sig and at low to mid volumes they are much better.