Usher Be 718 - matching center and surrounds

I'm new here and am looking for some assistance from you experts. I just picked up a pair of Usher Be 718s. They are great. I would like to get a center and rear surrounds and would like some recommendations. Usher doesn't offer these (yet) so I need to fill in with something else. Price is an issue for me, so nothing over the top please.

Thanks in advance.
I've also got the Usher BE 718's in a 5.1 surround sound system, although I'm mostly a stereo guy. I'm using a somewhat inexpensive Monitor Audio center speaker, with really inexpensive Monitor Audio surrounds. The retail price of my center channel was around $800 new, and I'm thinking you could pick one up on Audiogon or Videogon cheap. I'd invest more in the center speaker than the surrounds.
How about an Usher S-525 or X-616 to tide you over until they release the matching BE center? I'm using an S-525 center with CP-6311 for fronts, and they seem to match just fine for HT after an Audyssey calibration. I don't have room for the X-616 otherwise I would have probably gone that route, but I'm content as is. 2 channel music is more important to me anyways.

The S-520 would make good surrounds but they wouldn't be matching. Not a big deal unless you listen to a lot of multichannel music, IMHO.
Thanks for the feedback guys. I absolutely agree that the center is more important than the surrounds. I put more money into my fronts as I "thought" I was more a music guy, but it turns our I'm more a movie junkie since I got my home theater setup a few years ago (about 65% movies). Mistake as I've got a tilted head when listening to dialog on movies way too often. Change of plans.

When I listened to the Ushers with music, I fell in love with the sound of the vocals and clarity of the highs. The transparency was wonderful. I forgot about the home theater setup...again.

I think the 616 is too tall for the space I will have for the center. I did hear from my local dealer that a Dancer center was coming sometime at an estimated price of around $1800, but he had no idea when it would be available.

I was also thinking about a Dynaudio Contour or Paradigm Signature center, but it would need to be a used unit otherwise the wife will shoot me.

I was thinking about era Design 4s for the rears as they are quite competent mini monitors that are priced right, and I need to mount on the wall (using Omnimounts extenders). I don't think the 520s would work on a wall mount config.

I'm also looking at the Yamaha RXV 1900 to run these and then adding an amp in the future when the funds allow the addition.

Again, thanks guys. I'm pretty new to this, so all suggestions are welcome and appreciated.