Usher Audio X-Tower

Anyone have experience with Usher Audio's X Tower two-piece modular speaker?
Not much info on the internet.  Thank you for any info!
Got got mine last week. Moved up from the usher Mini Dancer ii’s with the dmd tweeter. The md ii’s are very nice sounding speakers but the x-towers are much better.
The bass is more tight and more there, but it should because of the 11” woofer. The kids and highs are also much better because I think you only have 1-7” mid instead of 2. It could be on how the x-mini face is cut at angles on each side of the tweeter and the tweeter is angled back. The spoundstage is huge, same depth as the MD ii’s, but much wider and taller, it fills the whole back wall.
i have a dedicated room at 26x15x12’ tall and the x-towers required a lot of setup time to get the bass just right. 10’ from the back wall, bass was too much whereas the MD ii’s sounded great. I ended up using cardas’s Specs on placement and the speakers are 7’ from the back wall and I moved my chair back 4’. Now everything works.
the bass modules are very heavy. I took the metal bass off to same 35 lbs, but the bass modules still had to be around 135lbs going upstairs. The wiring is different going from the bass module to the x-mini top speaker. You can’t biwire to the bass, single wire to the bottom posts, the you run a 3-4’ single with jumpers or Bi-wire cable from the top posts of the bass module to the x-mini. So I’m assuming you go thru a crossover in the bass module before going to the top x-mini speaker. 
A very good alternative to the be-10.