Usher 8871's... original or new VS....

Merlin MX/MXe. I'm not switching, just curious? The '71's are massive speaker's and I'm wondering about what nominal room size is needed.
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usher for sure
Ditto but they are big.Have heard at show's.Latest lead free MXE is refined but the Usher would be would have way more in presence,depth in freq and satge size.Wish I cold tell you what room would be needed but think 15' as small wall (or square).Very different animal in all.But tink Usher has the value thing down (along with Totem) or if high sens Hyperion or Silverline if one is running low power.I want to hear those new DSP controlled Emeralds CS2 at much lower (than Usher/MXE) but supposedly really delvers goods but I have small room andmight need those bigger dimensions you would.