Usher 6381 or Acoustic Zen adagios

Im wondering if any one has compared these 2 speakers , Im thinking about replacing my Audes Blues with either one of these speakers.. I have a Halcro MC-50 and SSP-100 pre/pro with cardas cross speaker cable and a Granite Audio 657 Tube CD player ... Which speaker????
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I have 6311s and recently sold a pair of 6371s. If you go with the 6381s get felt surround to tame the splash on the tweeter surface. Also, at the very least biwire, but biamp would be better still
I've heard both and prefer the Usher 6381. The Usher has a more traditional speaker sound, while the Adagios have more of a panel-type sound. Ultimately, the Adagios didn't impress me much. I prefer Martin Logan, VMPS, or Gallo Ref 3s for that type of sound. On the other hand, the Ushers have a very nice sound along the lines of a VR4Jr.