uses for tube preamp like BAT


I have always been a solid state guy but have been recommended that I go with a good tube preamp to go with my krell 400cx and wilson watt puppy 7.0. I am inclined to try it and am thinking about getting the BAT VK-51SE but am concerned about whether such a tube preamp would receive too much wear and tear in light of the fact that I use my preamp to direct my tv sound to go through my watt puppy speakers. In light of the fact that I need a preamp that will also be used for television and dvd is solid state more logical.

the bat pre will give the wilsons a more laid back character and make the overall presentation less linear when it comes to two channel music...however... even the best tube amplification pales a bit when it comes to dialogue and effects on dvd. it might make sense to stick with a krell pre for the best of both worlds.
jrd351 wrote "even the best tube amplification pales a bit when it comes to dialogue and effects on dvd."
hello could you please explain your comment shown above?
especially tube amplification pales regarding dialog?
As a BAT vk50SE and Watt Puppy 6.0 owner, I'll respectively disagree with the poster above. Please check out my system pics posted in the virtual systems page. I've used my VK50SE for 3.5 years in a combo audio/video setup. it's on about 3-4 hours a day during the week, and at least 8-12 hours each weekend day. Wear and tear is NOT a issue on the VK50se. The tubes are stil the originals, it sounds spectacular. I use the standby mode when not listening for more than a few when I go to bed or work. other wise, it's pretty much on playing tunes or watching dvds.

Go for the sound quality, the BAT pre will be awesome in your won't be disappointed. It sound great on DVD, DSS, HDTV, and of course MUSIC.
I use my tube preamp to enable my TV to play through my system and have not encountered any any more wear and tear than if I were listening to music. If you're referring to the tubes themselves, then yes, they do have a certain lifetime before they need to be replaced, but that could be said for all of your equipment. I have my system set up so that my pre-processor plays through my tube preamp for home theater, and everything else plays through the preamp as a normal two channel system. Youv'e got some beautiful equipment, why not try a tube pre to see how you like it. If you bought used, and decided it wasn't for you, you could sell it and probably come away close to even, minus shipping.