Uses for "tape-out" on a preamp

Do any of you find that you use the "tape-out" of a preamp or integrated amp? OR can you you THINK of any use for it?

As far as I can tell, this is only useful for analog recording to tape; not for digital recording (am I wrong?). And if I want to attach a second amp I really need a preamp-out which would reflect the setting of the volume control, which tape-out does not.

Would appreciate your thoughts on this.
Thank you.
I use it to feed an Audio Control balanced line transceiver to send a signal to my home theater system in another room in my home.

I have also used the tape outs in the past to insert an EQ box into my system, which can then be switched in or out of the signal chain by selecting the tape monitor.
if your digital recorder accepts analog signal you could use it for that.
I use it to feed the analog signal from my table
to my ad converter. If you do any recording of any of your sources you pretty much gotta have it. I personally wouldn't buy a preamp without it.
Outboard EQ, Home Theatre connection, analog computer input, VCR audio, second volume controled amp/speakers in another room, headphone amp, etc.?.
I use tape connections for several purposes:

1)My Stax headphone amplifier requires a line-level input and has its own volume control, so I drive that from tape outputs.

2)I use the phono amplifier section of a Mark Levinson ML-1 preamplifier as my phono stage, accessing it via the tape out jacks, which I connect into my main preamp (a Classe CP-60, which does not have a phono stage). (The ML-1's line stage doesn't work and is essentially unrepairable due to parts unavailability).

3)I have a high-end 1980's Tandberg 3004 cassette deck, which I connect into a tape loop on the Classe. I haven't recorded anything on it in years, but I use it for playback occasionally.

-- Al
I use the Tape Out as Input to a SONOS ZP90 so I can play my CD collection throughout my house via the wireless connection to all the other SONOS players, without having to rip all my CDs to a computer.
I use the phono section of my Music Reference RM5III via the tape outs in the same manner as Al.
Headphone amp feed

Or to connect to my RTR tape deck (yes, I actually still use this from time to time)
You can put an Equalizer on the line and have it actually control all components hooked to the unit via tape monitor universally, and be able to turn it on and off the line. Also Tube buffers have become rather popular and affordable, this will take the signal and run it thru tubes and back out to your amplifiers, or even in a cheap integrated amp with tape in and out you can make the sound tubish by doing this for a second system or something.
I currently use it to connect to my headphone amplifier. I have used it in the past to insert signal processors such as the Rives PARC or Copland DRC205.