User tips for Loricraft

Hello, I just purchased a new Loricraft P-3 RCM. I am looking for some user tips to get the best performance out of the machine and for getting my vinyl the cleanest. Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.

tips to get the best performance out of the machine

Connect it to the mains.
Congratulations on your purchase - it's a good 'un.
-- Draw a line on a spool spoke to gauge how far you're turning it.
-- Put vaseline on the metal where a tube connects - a more air tight seal.
-- Leave the pump on between records to dry the tube - keeps the thread from sticking to the tube wall.
-- Use AIVS cleaning fluids.
-- Buy reagent grade water in bulk and don't spare its use.
-- Do a search on Audiogon - there are plenty of 'tip threads' for the Loricraft
I have similarly designed and functioning Keith Monks RCM. One thing that really helped with performance was to use a cartridge digital scale to adjust the tracking force/weight of the nozzle (and hence arm). This optimized the amount of suction at the nozzle point.
My tip is to use a dropper bottle for record cleaning fluid. 20 drops is just enough to soak the record without the fluid spinning off!
Good machine (same as mine, lol).

There've been many threads on this topic over the years. A search will find them.

One tip (critical to avoid vinyl damage and alluded to by Toronto416):

DO NOT set downforce on the nozzle per the instructions that come with the machine. That applies unnecessary force and some marking of your vinyl may occur. You don't need a scale however. Just set downforce to "zero", ie, so that the arm (with the vacuum off) floats level above the record. The vacuum itself provides all the force needed to keep the nozzle on the record.
Congratulations on your PRC 3. It's a great machine. I have a similar PRC 4 . Of the many tips here and at the MintLP site , IME Dougs' suggestion on zero VTF is the most valuable . Apart from the vinyl damage bit( a little question mark, honestly), the cleaning results are clearly superior with zero VTF. It doesn't cost anything to try it.