User manual for a Joule Electra LA-100 MKIII

Don't know if anyone has one of these, but I just purchased one of these preamps used and would greatly appreciate it if someone has an electronic copy they can provide. also, would anyone know if the biasing instructions are included in this manual?

Thank you,
Joule usually has biasing instructions in the manual. Try emailing Joule. I think the guy that handles the emails, Simon I think, would have a manual for you. Or look on their website and call their service center. That guy is really nice and should be able to help you.
Would you be kind enough to shoot me a pm if you locate one. Thanks
Thanks Dhcod for the advise. Good to know that the biasing instructions are in the manual. Actually I did both of the things that you suggested. The service manager said that he never received a manual (so he has none to offer), and Simon said that it will be several months before they have any because they are moving.

Thank you for the response.

I hope they are more settled once they move. It's been very difficult dealing with them since Jud's wife passed. It must be very hard to go on. I can't imagine being in that position.
I have a manual (paper copy) for the MkIII, and I've replaced the tubes as well. There are no bias instructions in the manual, the tubes are all self biased, according to what Judd told me years ago.
If you need instructions for biasing the tubes give Rich Brkich at Signature Sound a call. I had a problem with my Joule preamp and couldn't get Jud to fix it under warranty. He did a great job and the price was reasonable. Don
Rates. I believe that Simon told me the same thing a while back re self basing. I'd still like to look at a manual anyway. Any chance of a scan?
Hi Rsrex, would it be possible to get a scan of your manual?