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Do you think some people use music to distract them from real life?
I'll take a CB 750:)
@unsound  and uberwaltz
Thanks Guys yes I have lusted over one of those bikes for years and have always had classic Brittish bikes . Can you imagine my absolute joy when my wife and daughter asked me to come to the garage on the morning of my retirement. I was expecting to hear my daughter say she had pranged the car and was ready for it. I got to the garage and I saw that the car was ok and they then said look behind the car I thought here we go someone has banged into the rear. I cannot say how I felt as I looked and saw that black beast I had dreamt of owning for decades. I just stood there with tears flooding from me, I was literaly waiting to hear the words that they had hired it for the day but no they said it was mine just don't look in the pension pot for a while. Can't tell you how happy I am now as it takes me back to the late 60s when my pal had a Black Prince and we used to swap his Prince for my Comando and we would go on days away up the Scottish Highlands.
Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality....
Of course music is an escape. Think of the players. For those musicians, don't you go to another place when you're playing music?
On the other hand, what is reality? Life would be mundane without an "escape".

I second Unsound comment.

What a piece of good old English iron!
Better music than other, harmful hobbies and indulgences.
Escape from reallity - a ride on my 1949 Vincent Black Shadow although it would be nice to not have so much traffic on the road nowadays.
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"Kreator" is a metal band.
@bdp24 The Creator? Is that a metal band?
This is turning into a Tim Burton movie. 
Some music actually brings me closer to the source of all reality, The Creator. Hope that don't sound too high-falutin' ;-) .


Music is the closest thing we have to virtual reality and the playback equipment the closest we have to time machines. Home theatre is a close second.

I would say TV is the closest thing to virtual reality. Music in virtual reality software is a rare thing, it's mostly 360 degree video
It's good to escape reality occasionally. How you do it is up to you.
Music is the closest thing we have to virtual reality and the playback equipment the closest we have to time machines. Home theatre is a close second.
For centuries people have escaped reality and the grind of daily life through the use of temporary diversions.

Alcohol, drugs, television, music, movies, exercise, etc. are among the more popular today IMO.

Some even mix and match with great success.

I'd submit that there are way too many folks out there that couldn't find real life with a telescope. When Snooki has more clout in the world than you and everyone you know combined, the definition of real life gets pretty fuzzy!
Isn't that the motive behind any hobby, as long as it is an escape on a temporary basis. There are some that never seem to emerge and loose touch with reality. Maybe Discovery could do a series on Audio Shut-Ins. Sorry I have more but must get back to my little corner and listen to the voices........
Iv got a son in law that has to be on another planet when he cranks his toonz. The man turns the volumn of the headphones up to eleven and goes somewhere that no one has heard of. Funny thing is when he opens his mouth to yaughn (or however you spell that word) the highs are not so rolled and the micro dynamics are quite a bit better.
Yes, cause this site is all about spelling. By the anal nature of some members here a new member might get confused.
And ones that use silly spellings for teck for tech.:)
Only the ones that DON'T have a virtual life, in front of a keyboard.
I think some people use real life to distract them from music.
Absolutely. Almost every night.
of course . music is an escape !