Useful $20 gadget alert

I picked one up the other day.  Allows one to play music and sound from smartphone via Bluetooth to car fm radio tuned to a selected frequency.   Works great.  Sounds very good for the car.  Any music streaming app on smartphone should work.  I'm using plex with music from my home music server synced locally and stored on the smart phone.   Sound quality is better than most compressed fm stations and very close with cd.   

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mapman thanks for the tip looks like just what I need for my old car radio just ordered one!
TWo things I notice for best results:

1)  use a FM frequency  away from any stations you might want to listen to also with teh device on in that it can cause interference on frequencies adjacent to one used.

2)   Be sure to match levels for best sound.     In my setup Iphone 6s bluetooth to Otium to Alpine CS,   setting otium level below 15 (half) results in clean sound.   At higher levels distortion sets in first noticable by subtle sibilence in some tracks and getting worse from there.    This means I must up the volume on teh Alpine a bit past where I normally would for other sources and turn it down generally when listening to commercial broadcast FM.