Used Wolcotts

Does anyone know if there are any differences in upgrades or vintage in the Wolcott 220s? I know there is a wide bandwidth transformer option for use with electrostats. Are there any other upgrades that have been done that I should look out for when considering buying used? Also, if anyone has ever had an existing pair's transformers upgraded how much did it cost and how long did it take?


I do belive that is the only mod.

here is the Internet site.
My understanding is that the transformers are the only significant change. The very latest ones are fitted with logic boards manufactured from a totally different colored material. This could be a change in suppliers, materials or an upgrade. The transformers are a big deal if you have electrostatics, and the factory charges ( I think) $1500.00 to upgrade to the new wide band version.

If you buy Wolcotts and want some tweaks, contact me. I have also done extensive tube testing with these amps for nearly a year, and have a fair amount of data on what works and how to achieve the sound you want.