Used Wadia 16 for $2200, can you do any better?

Spending $2200, on a used Wadia 16, can anyone think of more performance for the dollar? Is there better sound to be had from any new or used cd player for this amount of money? Curent system ARC LS25MII, Classe CA-300, McIntosh MCD 7007 CD, Vandersteen 3A Sig w/2wq subs, MIT cable and Transp XLR int.
The weak link is the McIntosh.
What would you do with $2200 to improve the sound, I have a used Wadia 16 available to purchase?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
I would go with the Wadia. The 16 was a very good cdp and some feel that it was better than the 860. There is not much in the low 2k price range currently that has the build quality and performance of the 16. Plus you can always send it to Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound for future upgrades. Personally a Wadia 16 for $2,200 is a it!
I was considering exchanging my Wadia 860x with a Wadia 16, and contacted Steve Huntly for his opinion, and here is what he had to say comparing the two:

I think that an "i" version of the 16 can be brought well beyond the
performance of an 860 but in all honesty it would be trade-offs to some
degree between a regular 16 modified to Reference level vs a stock 860x.
Personally I think the modified unit would be more musical, more dynamic,
more involving, but I would still have to say that the 860 would be a bit
more open, more transparent, a bit more detail, etc. Which choice is right
depends on your musical priorities and your system I guess.
In that price range, I prefer the Muse Model Nine Signature.
I would look at the Audio Aero Prim CD player. I replaced my 860x with a Capitole Mk 2 and it crushes the Wadia in every regard. My dealer told me that the Prima is as good as the Capitole 2 in many ways and very close to as good in a few ways. It retails for around 2200.00 and could be purchased with a good discount on that.
The Capitole Mk 2 is a very nice player. To say it crushes the Wadia in every way is very misleading. Both players have different qualities and it really depends on what you are looking for. A lot of people switch to different gear and when they find that a new component sounds much different they automatically think that it is "blowing away" there prevouis component. Personally, if you are seriously considering the Wadia 16 I would recommend that you call Steve Huntley for his opinion.