Used vs. new

I am struggling with the decision of buying B&W 804 D4 or an older model like the 802 /803 D3 . I have the same issue with automobiles too.but  for now we can stick to the issue of speakers.


I don't have experience with the B&W models mentioned here but owned 2 pairs of old B&W models for more than a decade, and I agree with few comments here that new is not always better. In my case, New and more expensive sound worse than old and cheaper. I owned the B&W CDM 1 SE close to 15 years. Midway through the ownership, I tried the more expensive model, N805. To my ears, the cheaper CDM 1SE sounds better than the N805. A matter of preference. I sold the N805 after about 3 months. 

Just to add. I will only buy used if the condition of the speakers is very good, perhaps 8.5 to 9 out of 10. I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more money for a good or mint condition pair. It’s good to have some savings if buying a used pair. The downside is most used speakers out there are in fair or poor condition, cosmetically, although functionally there may not be any issue. It’s the same with other hifi equipment such as amps or DACs etc.

If you are a meticulous person and cannot accept something that looks far from perfect ie. scratches on the cabinet or nicks etc., go for new.

Buying used is too much of a crap shoot for me. The fact the person is selling the component makes you wonder why. You don't know how it's been used, or abused. Trying to get more for your dollar buying used is like trying to get something for nothing, May very well work out, but buying new eliminates that risk factor. Better to buy a new Volkswagen, than a used Mercedes at the same price. Of course my father was a used car dealer, so I learned to stay away from anything used. Your experience may be totally different.


Thank you so much, excellent feedback ! Yes I am very new at all this. I first heard the B&w speakers about 20 years ago. And haven't stopped thinking how great that sound was , .even though I have never listened to music on any other nice speaker , my heart is set on b/w.  I don't really have anywhere to go to listen and compare the different b/w speakers to see which one I like best... so I asked   here for advice . sounds like with budget of 12-15k its better to go with the D3 used vs the new 804 d4, and that's fine with me , and by reading and researching I bought the Hegel 390 integrated amp. and just hoping it will work well with the B&W's. Thanks again, and  I think I will get the 802 D3 or 803 D3.