Used Vinyl: Classical.....Mono or stereo

Hey folks...looking for easy to find, good sounding LPs...Beethoven, Mozart, etc...prefer symphonies and string quartets...but I am open to any and all suggestions...looking at Bruno Walter for Beethoven on CBS masterworks...any thoughts? Mono or stereo is fine...maybe his later Columbia stereo efforts? ALso...looking for a really nice Beethoven 9th in mono or stereo...thanks....
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Bruno Walter on columbia, '6-eye' stereo if you can find them

for the 9th, also try to find Solti on (made in UK) london

piano concertos - Kempff but you're better off with the CD reissue on DG of his 1953/1955 mono recordings - they sound much better than you'd expect
Try Audio Asylum - Music and Classical Court (in the archives) a lot of good information. It's a huge subject.

Bruno for Brahms, not my favorite in Beethoven (at least the late recordings). I have actually been going back to my old Szell recordings (on CD - easy to find - my epics and columbia LPs don't seem to match them). I have many other favorite conductors in Beethoven, but I have no favorites - I am a member of the Furtwanger fan club - but not even WF gets to claim the honor of "favorite Beethoven conductor".

For Beethoven Quartets - find the Busch Quartet. Their late quartets are amazing. An easy call.