Used universal player

Among some of the universal players I've been suggested is the Panasonic F87 which I like(I've found this online new). How about some advice on a used player($100-$200 range) that will not have to be upgraded or modded right now to be a good fit in a 2 channel system. I'm gonna be using an Onkyo TX 902 to power it right now. Single or multiplay examples will be considered.
Stretch your budget a little bit and get a Denon 2200.
I would agree with Elevick. The Denon DVP2200 is a bargain, and a great player at the price you should be able to find one for: $200 - $250 used.
Heartily agree w/ the Denon DVD2200 choice. No glaring weakness w/ any format and can function as a quality transport down the line. I owned 2 of the Pioneer players before the Denon and the improvement was vast. I've seen several come and go on eBay for <$225.
I'll just add in negative response -- there was a Yamaha unit (don't recall the model) that retailed for $400 about 2 years ago and the Sensible Sound magazine gave it very favorable reviews. I owned it. It was OK for video picture quality, but otherwise I advise against this unit. Sound quality was not great at all.