Used turntable market

I have been monitoring the turntable classify on Audiogon and it seems very few actually get sold. Are people afraid of buying used tables? What are the real risks? What are your experiences in buying used turntables and cartridges without actually demoing the unit?

You certainly want to make sure that any seller knows how to properly pack and ship a turntable. The quality of packing materials also plays a big role. Best turntable packing materials I have ever seen are for the Well Tempered Amadeus. They deserve a reward for those packing materials (as well for the sound of the table at that price point).
All I know is that I just recently purchased a very nice used tt/cartridge on audiogon, had it shipped across the country, and all is extremely well. Of course a local sale is always preferable but what your looking for is not always available.
My Sota Star Saphire was purchased used in 1989. Wonderful table. I shipped it to Sota last year for a repair, in the original carton. No problems. 5 years ago, I purchased a used SME 20/2, an even better table. Having 2 tables and thus cartridges simultaneously is great. Recommendation: don't hesitate to buy used if it is a recognized quality table, and only if it will be shipped in it's original packaging.
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