Used turntable & arm combo for under $2500.0

Recommendations for used TT. The more common brands I see for sale are Linn, VPI, and Oracle. Are there more? Possible future upgrades made avaible to TT would be a strong consideration. Need advice on questions to ask and things to be aware of when looking for used TT. I heard some TT are in need of constant tweaking. This is something I like to avoid. Thank-you in advance for your comments.
I would look for a pre owned Michell Gyrodec with the Tecnoarm. A 9/10 rating will get you as close to new with out buying brand new. Your cartridge is going to be the key component in what your going to hear from your table. You could get a used Van Den Hul Frog for around $900. I run this exact setup with great results!
Well Tempered arms and tables are superb and sell used for the price you are considering. VPI Scouts get fine reviews and might be found in that price range.
If enough people responded, you'd eventually have recommendations for every table on the market. Deciding on a turntable can be a long process. It took me approximately 6 weeks of daily reading to choose a table recently, and I still second guess my decision.

Once you have a budget, I'd suggest you start thinking about some of these issues:

- Are there any issues that would deter you from owning a partiicular style of table? (I have young children at home, so I needed a table that has a stable cover.)
- What tables appeal to you visually? You can now eliminate all the styles that don't.
- Do you want the ability to upgrade components (beyond the arm and cartridge)? Which tables provide that capability?
- Are you a tweaker, or do you want a table that will provide great sound in stock form?
- Are you a mechanic? Does a vintage table needing lots of attention and modifications appeal to you? If not, buy a recent issue.
- How much do you know about the various styles of tonearms? Do your research and eliminate the tonearms that don't fit into your requirements or desires.

Perhaps others can suggest more decision making tips.

the well tempered, the nottingham, michell, linn etc.....there are lots of great combos for under 2.5k
Most suspension type tables are more tweeko than unsuspended tables. The draw back of an unsuspended table is it needs a solid vibration free platform to reside on. I opted for a Scout after much research. Upgradable, and as set-it-and-forget-it as anything out there. You can pick up a new Scout and jmw 9 arm for around $1600 leaving plenty of cash for a cart. Good used ones are an even better deal. Best bet is to go listen to a few different types of tables & see what you like. I live 60 miles from the vinyl capital of the world, so it was easy for me to do so, you might not be as fortunate to have good analog dealers in your area.
I would look for a VPI ScoutMaster with the 9" JMW arm, which can then be upgraded to the Super level ( or not) if you wanted to push the performance to amung the very best. The Scoutmaster is easy to set up,is not at all tweaky, and should give you years of analog listening pleasure. You ought to be able to find one used in your budget along with a decent cartridge, as a new one is about $2500 or so. Good Luck!
Try the VPI TNT3, Aries 1 or 2 all with the older JMW10. VPIs are all upgradeble and easy to resell in the used market. The brand speaks for itself.
Dear Norm: In my opinion you have to go first for the TT alone, the tonearm choice must be decided along with the cartridge choice because these couple have to be matched between them, of course that is important too which tonearm with which TT but is more critical which tonearm with which cartridge.

If you follow that explanation then my advise is to go for an Acoustic Signature Final Tool, its performance is for a TT 2-3 times its price:

Regards and enjoy the music.
The best for the money, for the best sound, IMHO- a Lenco with a Rega arm. No doubt whatsoever. Especially in your price range.
For a turntable, check out the Sota website They have refurbed Sotas which are excellent values. Sota remains as one of the very best and the handcrafted quality is superb.