Used tube or hybrid pre-amp around $500

Audio gurus,
  I am looking for used tube or hybrid preamp for around $500.   Please give me feedback on what are my options.  I am have  line level sources currently, but likely to buy a turntable in 6 months.  I have a KSA-50 Amp and Tekton Design Enzo speakers.


Vincent audio 31. Hybrid design, no phonostage, New ~$700, come up used on occasion here on AG (~$400). 
you might be able to find one of these for around 600.00

great sounding el84 amp

also look for a Grommes phi-26  less power but bigger sound  with your tektons not a worry
Y S Audio Symphonies. Very good and not well known. Reviews on net too.
There is a used Rogue Audio 66 listed here for $700. Make an offer on it!