Used tube dac under 1000.00 -Please advise.

Tube cd player or dac? Curently using Panasonic DVD-H1000
which is built like a tank (list price $2999.99)and I think would be a good
transport but the new AH Tjoeb player has great reviews and 24/192 upsampling for about $1000.00. I want a more analog sound. Also considering CAL Alpha 24/96 dac to which I could ad an upsampler later. I am not able to audition this in my system consisting of a Golden Theater GTX-1 preamp and Carver Amazing III Plus bi-amped with 2 Carver TFM-42 amps.
Any input is helpful as this is my 1st attempt at a digital
upgrade and I am a complete novice to upsampling,etc.


Audio Note DAC1.1 is just what you need.
A great value on the used market is the Krell Studio. Driven by an excellent transport, it is hard to beat without spending many times the price.

I know you said tubes, and I am in the market at this exact price point with an all tube system also. But take a look at the 47Labs site at their cheaper DAC and read the article on oversampling also. The Audio Research cd player info will confirm the same thought that analog sound can be had with, or without tubes. The more critical area is in the conversion technique itself.
Check out the Jolida JD-100 too. Great build quality and
sound at the price point ($900 list). You may be able to
audition this as well. I have one, it's breaking in, and
so far it's sounding great! I wasn't able to audition one,
and took a chance. I will be getting a loaner cary 308 soon
to compare against. (check out for a

Aside from the analog sound, I decided to go with tubes to
customize the sound via tube rolling. The rest of my system
is SS (I don't want to deal with a tube power amp - heat,
cost of retubing, etc.). Also, I find the Jolida has good
air, soundstage, etc., and is pretty neutral. The rest of
my system is rather neutral too, and I'm looking to add some
warmth. I'm hoping to do this through NOS tubes in the

Audio Note DAC 1.2 (retail $1500) or 1.1 (retail $1000).