Used stereo amp for $300.00 to drive Triangles?

Hi folk's,

Could anybody recommend some used amps for around $300.00.
I will be using a Rotel RSX 1055 as a pre amp, with Triangle Celius speakers. This system is for both serious stereo listening as well as home theater. I'm looking for some warmth. Some amp's I am considering are as follows:

Rotel RB981
Parasound HCA-1000
B&K ST-140
Belles 150

This purchase will have to last me for the forseeable future due to my three older teenagers! As such, my choices are pretty limited so I have to make the right choice now. Their are few to none possibilities in my area so I am forced to make a purchase sound unheard.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You!

I've got both of my hands for Nikko Alpha.
Sold used on ebay within your budget and can make your speaker sing...
If you have never had an APT-1 you should consider it. I have dozens of amps and there is a reason I have 6 of them. You can aquire them deliverd for around $250 and if you really want to get crazy buy another later and mono them out. The other amp in that price range is the Citation 12 that a good poly bypass cap on the input mod. and you will be quite surprised. Paul
If you care to take the plunge into tubes, I would recommend the Antique Sound Labs MGsi15 DT. Later editions have subwoofer outs and would provide 15 very sweet watts (5 in triode) to drive the efficient Triangles. I am always impressed with this little amp. You can often find them here for about $350.00--A screaming value, I believe.
Thank's for the suggestions! I just won a B&K ST140 on Ebay. I think I'm suffering from buyers remorse now that I see the other offerings in my price range.

Oh well, I might just love it. I shall soon see, or hear!

Thank's again!

Scott 222C/222D LK48