Used Starter ht receiver.....5.1.....

Looking for a slightly older used ht receiver for 5.1 or quality is a must(heavy and solid)..older sony es? Any suggestions? On a tight budget but know there are products out there...thanks...
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Search out a Marantz SR18ex. A great older receiver that I've seen for as little as $500 ( retailed for $3295.) Weighs 50+ lbs and gives a solid 140 per channel. Built like a tank and sounds good to boot.
Denon has a few solid older HT receivers in their 5000 series that are excellent but cost more.
There's a few more. Look through older reviews on HT websites like AV Guide.
There's a good many more recent receivers going cheap. Not built as well as the older ones but decent non the less.
For the last 5 or so years, the Sony's are digital amps. They certainly aren't the horses of the past.
The older Nakamichi AV1(made in Japan) is a great starter and also a great finisher. Known for excellent musical ability and fantastic build quality. It
sells for 100.00 to 150.00 on Ebay. Also allows choice of
4 ohm speakers which many of the others can't handle. See
the reviews at I've never felt a need for
anything else, though it's only about 100 watts.
Get something with Pro Logic II. This is one of the biggest improvements I've seen over the years. Other things to consider: stay away from receivers with different power rating for different channels, ie 60 right and left, 30 center and rear. This is usually the sign of an older unit. Also, keep the remote in mind. Some are much nicer than others. Many Denon, Rotel, Marantz, Sony ES and more will fit the bill.

What is your budget? I've owned about 10 different HT receivers since about 1999-2000, so I have a bit of experience to draw from. In my opinion, you are miles ahead by buying a bit more modern HT receiver.

Here are some features of more modern units that may entice you into spending a bit more money:

1. DPL-II, much better tha Dolby Pro-logic at creating a reasonable surround image from a 2-channel analog source (like SD TV).

2. Auto-calibration, provides a much easier setup. This not only sets up your independant channel volume, distance, etc., but it also offers a reasonably good room EQ.

3. HDMI support-nice for future proofing.

4. General ease of use. Some of the older units were a PITA to set up and operate. Newer unit tend to have better user ergonomics.

For what it's worth, I ended up with an Onkyo SR-TX703 that I bought used here on the goN for a very good price and I've been extremely happy with it. It lacks HDMI, but I can live with that. Otherwise, its very easy to set up and use and it sounds very good.



There is a Yamaha RX-V2095 posted for sale for $315. I am using that model; I paid $1250 at a discount, it listed for $1600 and was Yammy's 2nd model, not the top, for that year. It weighs 40+ pounds and sounds very, very neutral. I'm happy enough with it that I don't plan on replacing it for another few years. I have no relationship with the seller, only twigged to the sale because of the model number. Feel free to Email me if you have any questions about that model, or, of course, contact the seller.
Sounds like your only requirements are heavy and solid, as well as innexpensive. I'd then look for deals on older Sony 777ES(I think that was model, but not sure), Yamaha DSPA-1 or RXV1, maybe yes, Nakamichi AV-10, and maybe older model flagship Harmon Kardon's.
Well, you left lots of variables out, like what wattage you need for your speakers sensitivity rating, what speakers you have (bright, more laid back), what sized room, how loud you listen and to what? - also what inputs and paramaters you need, i.e what sources you you're using, and what are the acoustics of your room.
Well, good luck anyway...
Great Onkyo listed here for less than 3 bills...Cambridge makes a very affordable/music lover recv'r.